Mask electrostatic filter material

Mask electrostatic filter material
Melt blown nonwoven fabric / Black, White

Melt-blown cloth is a non-woven fabric technology that uses high-speed airflow to melt polymer materials such as polypropylene and spray them into fibers, then arranges the fiber materials horizontally, and finally heat-seals them with hot air. This technology has the advantages of small fiber fineness, uniform structure and high porosity, which makes the melt-blown cloth have excellent filtration performance and air permeability. This product has the characteristics of ultrafine fibers (fiber diameter 1 (2) ~ 5 microns), can filter dust, dust, air pollution, droplets through, has static electricity, can absorb bacteria, viruses, and improve the filtering effect of the mask.









◆ Ultra-fine fibers with a wide range of fiber fineness and an average diameter < 5 μm

◆ Small pore size and multiple gaps, improve filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance

◆ High filtration efficiency, can be used as melt-blown material for N95 masks

◆ Comply with ISO 9001/13485 quality management system certification

◆ Environmentally friendly, naturally decomposable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, lightweight

◆ Available in white and black